Pervmom – Britney Amber – So Fine With No Tan Lines


Pervmom – Britney Amber – So Fine With No Tan Lines – Britney Amber needs help with a very special task today, and boy is her stepson happy to be of assistance. She wants him to put lotion on her back so she gets an even tan. Before he starts rubbing her down, she takes her top off so she will not get any tanlines. Holy moly, her tits are huge and sexy! Her stepson can barely contain himself. Maybe she will like his own bottle of special lotion. Later on, Britney is so happy that her stepson did a good job of keeping her from getting any tanlines that she shows up in his room naked. He tells her she looks like a total MILF. She says that means he must want to fuck her. So, she indulges his wildest fantasies and climbs up on his cock. A couple days later, Britney and her stepson try to be a little more discreet since they almost got caught by his dad last time. He meets her in her room for a secret fuck sesh. She looks so damned sexy in her red lingerie that he is ready to explode as she models for him. That gets him harder than Abe Lincolns face on Mount Rushmore, and pretty soon he is flat on his back in bed with her riding him again. She thinks he has been such a good boy that she does not even mind when he cums right in her pussy. What will his dad think?!

Actors: Britney Amber
Added on: August 5, 2020

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