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MissaX – Sasha Carmine – Advanced Lesson


MissaX – Sasha Carmine – Advanced Lesson – I have suspected that my little Sasha has been sneaking her boyfriend over. I can smell a young man on her in the morning, even though she denies, step-mommy knows better. I sneak under her bed and when she thinks we’re resting, the boy sneaks over.

Sasha, “Do you have a condom?” The boy answers Sasha, “babe, I wanna feel you bareback.” Sasha is a smart girl and worries about getting pregnant, and the naughty boy wants to put it in her butt instead. Sasha protests, but the boy practically rips off her clothes and inserts his thick, yummy, young cock into her tight little asshole. You might think I am dirty for describing the scene like that, and maybe I am, because I waited a little too long before I came out from under the bed.

I surprised them, “Ah hah!” I interrupt my little baby and her boy. Sasha covers herself and the boy says “I’m getting outta here!” I tell him not so fast. He does not know how to make love to a woman, he’s young and immature. I will teach him how to make her cum. My little girl deserves to cum, only the best for her.

I have my baby girl fucking in multiple positions and I touch myself as I instruct him. I run my fingers through her long, raven black hair and sweetly reprimand the young stud when he doesn’t fuck her correctly. I give him a countdown when he is fucking her, after all, every young man should learn to control his orgasm. My little girl cums first, always.

Actors: Sasha Carmine
Added on: November 18, 2020

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