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MissaX – Miss Missa – Adopted Son Earns His Keep


MissaX – Miss Missa – Adopted Son Earns His Keep – I hand picked the most handsome orphan. I require a handsome boy to show off in front of my friends, and a strong boy to help me around the home. I give him the tour of the house.

The bathroom, the living room, and of course the bedroom. In each room I get a little more perverted, this boy is starting to get aroused. I am a wicked MILF and I know how to seduce young men to do what I want.

“We are to share a room,” I tell him. “Don’t worry, you’ll love cuddling with me,” I tell him. I leave and tell him to get into his pajamas.

I walk in with my silk lingerie in hand. I undress in front of him. I slip on the silk, sexy lingerie and give him a goodnight kiss. When I lean in, I notice his erection. “How uncomfortable,” well.. I am feeling a little “uncomfortable” myself. Let me show you how to take care of this.

He’ll never be the same again, I can leave quite the impression on a young man. He cums inside of me. I kiss him goodnight.

Actors: Miss Missa
Added on: November 18, 2020

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